Wonder Woman UN Ambassador

Wonder Woman UN Ambassador

Wonder Woman is to be a UN Ambassador! Nope, not Gal Gadot. The fictional comic book character.

Wonder Woman UN Ambassador

Wonder Woman UN Ambassador
Wonder Woman during the #ComicCon 2016. (Photo credit: Luiz Rampelotto/ Europa Newswire)

Wonder Woman will be the new Honorary Ambassador of The UN. The United Nations (UN) will officially appoint her as a “Fictional Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.”

There will be a ceremony on October 21 in New York at the UN Headquarters.

Pretty awesome for a “super hero.”

The day of her appointment coincides with the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman’s first appearance in comic books.

The creation of a woman comic book superhero

The psychologist couple Elizabeth and William Moulton Marston co-created Wonder Woman’s character  in 1941 when they first noticed that there are no female characters in the wonderful world of comic books. Thus, they created one of history’s most famous ever comic icons to date–Wonder Woman. They combined in her some superhero powers with female charm.

Hero for a cause

Wonder Woman’s appointment as Honorary UN Ambassador is actually part of the UN’s initiative called “Comics Uniting Nations.”

Our favorite DC Comics character will be part of the United Nation’s campaign that promotes gender equality.

It only proves that Wonder Woman is not just an iconic comic book character; she is a “real” hero. As UN Ambassador, she will be contributing to the efforts to support girls and women empowerment not just in fiction but also in real life.

In a ceremony and the cinemas

(Credit: Comic Book News)

To accept the honorary designation at the October 21 UN ceremony, on behalf of “Wonder Woman,” are Gal Gadot, DC Entertainment’s president Diane Nelson,  and Lynda Carter who played Wonder Woman in the hit 70s TV series.

Wonder Woman will hit the silver screens (again) in June 2017 as the lead in the movie of the same title “Wonder Woman.” Gal Gadot (Israeli actress) will star in the film,  directed by Patty Jenkins. (- Admin Anna)



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