Saitama to lose in One Punch Man Season 2?

Saitama to lose in One Punch Man Season 2?

The ongoing Japanese superhero parody “One Punch Man” is having a second season. The minute the report hit the web, it has made fans in eager anticipation despite it not having a definite release date yet.

One Punch Man

The story chronicles the adventures of Saitama, a regular looking, unassuming, bald twenty-five year-old who, after struggling to find a regular job, decides to fulfill his childhood ambition to become a superhero, albeit temporary or in his own words “just for fun”.

Saitama is often frustrated with finishing his enemies with just one punch, hence the title. The humor coupled with its odd storyline has wowed audiences worldwide.

Rumors also swirls that this season 2 is in for a lot of twists. One of them is Saitama finally losing. Can it be true? Speculations are that he just intended or pretended to lose. We just have to wait for our questions to be answered.

“One Punch Man Season 2” will premiere in 2017.

Saitama One Punch Man

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