Real life super-hero

Real life super-hero

We talk about superheroes, like they are fantasies, their superhuman, strength, outworldly intelligence and so on and so forth. But, we forget that living among us are real life super heroes. And I am going to share one right now.
Meet Campbell Remess:
Campbell Remess Real Life Super Hero

Campbell Remess, Real Life Super hero

Though devoid of any super powers, this boy has been able to help others, kids who are in the hospital by bringing smiles in their faces. How does he do it? He brings them hand sewn stuffed animals.

The boy dubbed his project  “Project 365” and he’s made over 800 stuffed animals! Who taught him how to sew? No other than himself!

The story goes: When he was 9, Campbell asked his parents if he they can buy stuffed animals for the kids in the hospital. But as we all know this costs much, so he decided to make them himself. This kid has made it a mission to make stuffed animals out of his own hands to give to hospitals charities and other distribution points by Christmas to give to children, bed ridden because of different illnesses.

He made rattle balls at first, then taught himself how to make teddies.

Here he is distributing his gifts:

Campbell Remess Real Life Superhero


And here are some of the happy children who received his gifts:



All of us can make a difference. It takes someone to care to make a difference, make one now.


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