Marvel Gives Gay Superhero Iceman Own Solo Comic Book

Marvel Gives Gay Superhero Iceman Own Solo Comic Book

Earlier last week, Marvel Comics announced via Twitter that our favorite gay X-men superhero Iceman will finally have his own full, solo comic book series to come out by Spring next year, 2017.

Check out the tweet by Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel):

Note: Some time last year, Iceman, also known as Bobby Drake, or Robert Drake—at least his younger self—came out as gay when mind-reader Jean Grey outed him for saying “inappropriately sexual things” about one of their teachers, Magik.

(This is in the All-New X-Men #40 when the younger, teenage Iceman time-traveled to the present day to realize his older, present-day self has been living as a straight guy.)

Check out some of the (leaked) panels:


Here, teenage Iceman asks Jean, “How can my older self not be [gay], but I am?” Then he says,

“Because maybe he couldn’t handle being a mutant and gay in a society that had issued with both?”

Makes sense.


Suddenly, Ice man becomes the most famous gay superhero surpassing Northstar. (Northstar is the first first gay character to openly come out in Marvel Comics.)

ResurrXion Iceman #1 will become part of Post-Inhumans vs. X-Men – probably a reason why “Romeo” an Inhuman love interest for Ice man appears in the All-New X-Men #13? (Read Ice man Inhuman-Mutant Star-crossed Lovers Plotline.)

Closeted Gay

A lot of speculation had been circulating over the years about Iceman’s orientation or sexuality, and this is not just with the fans. Many writers have hinted him as being gay, but Brian Michael Bendis made it precept.

Stuart Immonen/Marvel Comics
Stuart Immonen/Marvel Comics

Eversince Iceman’s sexual orientation as gay has been confirmed—fans, especially those from the LGBT community, have been urging Marvel to create a full solo series for Iceman.

Classic X-Men favorite

Ice man is part of the 90’s original X-men (Xmen Gold Team), Champions and Defenders, and is also one of the founders of the X-Factor.

He has 2 self-titled mini series—the first one by J.M. DeMatteis (1984) and the second one by Andy Lanning and Karl Kerschl (2000). Iceman ResurrXion will be Iceman’s first ever full-solo ongoing series.

iceman resurrxion


Brian Micheal Bendis (@BRIANMBENDIS) is the creator of Iceman ResurrXion, and grateful fans are already giving him praise for bringing in more diversity into superhero comics.

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