Hunter x Hunter to be cancelled?

Hunter x Hunter to be cancelled?

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Discontinued or Cancelled? Hunter x Hunter

It is about four months ago, the 360th series release that fans last heard or read the Hunter x hunter manga. And since then, fans have already been speculating that the series is either discontinued or cancelled.

Since the release of their smartphone game (Its available in Google Play, don’t know in the Apple store), fans has been kept in the dark about any news or updates from the well beloved manga/anime series. Rumors persists with the current artist, Yoshishiro Togashi with “Tokoyo Ghoul”. Apparently, the reason why the rumour circulated is because it is reported that the original author will no longer be able to return to work.

Shueisha Inc, however,  believes the original writers to return to work immediately, But if they don’t, they’d be forced to hire new writers for the series so they can end it properly.

Yoshishiro Togashi, the creator of “Hunter x Hunter” supposedly had back problems and was bed ridden for the past couple of months. But he hasn’t reported to the manga series producers to continue “Hunter x Hunter” production since getting well, so this is why Shueisha is planning on get new writers.

Is there still hope for the series? Or is the series being cancelled? Are we still going to see, Gon, Killua and their friends in a new adventure? Stay tuned.

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