Full Metal Alchemist Live Action

Full Metal Alchemist Live Action

A live action film of Full Metal Alchemist is out on 2017:


Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie

If the film follows closely the manga or anime version then the central characters of the film would be Edward and Alphonse Elric: two alchemist brothers who are searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.

In the anime and manga version, when Edward was 11, and Alphonse, 10, they tried to bring their dead mother back to life. Their attempt failed, costing Alphonse his entire body, and Edward his left leg, so in order to restore their bodies and successfully bring their mother back they went on a quest to recover the Philosopher’s stone.

full metal alchemist live action

For long time fans, casual and movie goers, this is a film worth watching.

Coming this 2017 in theaters near you.

fullmetal alchemist poster

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