Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok


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Chris Hemsworth returns as the god of thunder in another sequel about Thor. Thor has been subpar at best when compared to other Marvel beloved heroes like Iron Man and Captain America.

But early return from critics, like Rotten Tomatoes who pegged the movie at 99% fresh, is a welcome development. Maybe the more colorful and comedic trailers helped boost interest for the movie, as well as the much anticipated Avengers movie the Infinity wars whatever the case its definitely a must watch movie specially if you don’t want to be left behind by your friends when it comes to details.

I haven’t watched the movie myself but expect me to have my own review of this very soon. For those fortunate enough to already watched it, hit the comment below and tell us what you think. Just don’t spoil it for us.

Incoming popcorn! Cheers!

Thor Ragnarok. In movie Theaters right now.


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