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They have announced it – Star Wars The Last Jedi

They have announced it – Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi!

I was browsing Facebook when the Star Wars page dropped this gem:

Star Wars The Last Jedi

It’s even more intriguing because Luke is there and he’s back as being the last of the Jedis?

Following the events of the   J.J. Abrams directed The Force Awakens, The Last of the Jedi promises to answer a lot of lingering question about the last episode.

The Last of the Jedi opens in December 2017. Excited for that.


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RIP Carrie Fisher (Died at 60)

RIP Carrie Fisher (Died at 60)

Farewell Princess Leia. May the Force be with you always…

Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

rip carrie fisher princess leia star wars


You’ll know the reference—

You’ll know the reference—

You’d get this reference if you watched it.

i am one with the force the force is with me meme.jpg

“I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.”

– Chirrut Imwe, Star Wars Rogue One

(Grabbed this from a friend on Facebook. May the Force be with you!)

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StarWars: Rogue One Review

StarWars: Rogue One Review

Review of StarWars: Rogue One

Be warned! Some spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to ruin your movie experience please refrain from reading further beyond this warning.

Also be warned that it is a terrific film specially if you’re a long time suffering Star Wars fan.

starwars rogue one review

The story is set in the events before Star Wars: A New Hope. Or Episode IV. This is a Lucas film without George Lucas, which kinda saves the franchise after George kinda ruined it for us in Episodes I-III and up to the animation Clone Wars film.

Meet Jyn Erso…
Felicity Jones as Jyn ErsoPhoto Credit

A prototypical, Star Wars gal. Strong willed, brave and with conviction in her which we already saw with Padme, Leia and Rey. She is the daughter of Galen Erso (Did they intentionally take that name from Galen Marek?)  who was a  scientist and leading galactic authority on crystallography and energy enrichment. The empire is after him so they can finish the construction of the Death Star.

The empire killed her mom and abducts his dad for reasons I just stated. Jyn was then raised by Saw Gerrera, a resistance warrior deemed too radical by his compatriots that he was banished so created his own faction in the rebellion. “The Extremists”.

Felicity Jones as Jyn, and the other stars of Rouge One

That was the start of the movie. Felicity Jones did a great acting job on this one. Worthy of her high pay in the movie. She partnered with Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, the suicide squad of the rebellion who retrieved the plans of the original Death Star.

As the movie moves along we meet K-2SO the movie’ Robot comic relief, but his delivery was much drier than C3PO. We also get to have Donnie Yen, who plays Chirrut Îmwe, a blind guard of the old Jedi Temple in Jedha (My favorite character of the movie with his mantra: I am one with the force, the force is with me), and his partner Baze Malbus. Together they were the main proponents getting the plans.

The film was great especially the scenes that had Vader in it.

Vader was so Bad-ass you’d forget he was so whiny as Anakin before. The scene in the dark hallways where he ignited his red lightsaber and him massacring the rebels, force-pushing and choking some, while the not so fortunate being decimated by his lightsaber…Bad-Ass!

Rogue One VaderBe careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director. Photo Credit

The only let down for me was how fast or how forgiving Jyn Erso was in the movie. She forgave Cassian Andor well too easily after the guy attempted to kill her father. She also cooled down way too easily after the rebels didn’t believe her, had the movie extended another hour it may have captured the correct mood for those scenes.

Another one is the forced love tension between Erso and Andor, which as I said, another hour could have helped.

Maybe killing off Saw early in the movie is another one, I mean the movie could have used more of Forest Whitaker’s acting prowess in the movie (that’s some lazy writing?).

Other than that I think the movie was terrific and I could only hope this could build up more excitement for Episode VIII next year.

Kudos to the Actors, Directors and Writers of this movie, and thank you Disney for this. Old republic movie please?


Rating 3.75/5.00


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Rogue One showing on Thursday!

Rogue One showing on Thursday!

For some reason I was locked out of my account sometime in the afternoon. I don’t know what happened so my intended post for that particular moment was lost on me. Thankfully as I am browsing the net and as Admin A pointed out, Rogue one is out on Thursday Philippine time. Here is a compilation of Rogue One’s trailers.

Star Wars Rogue One Trailers

star wars rogue one

Don’t forget, Dec. 15, 2016 on theaters near you. May the force be with you… always.


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Final Rogue One Trailer will hype you for the upcoming film!

Final Rogue One Trailer will hype you for the upcoming film!

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

Photo Credit

So how are you? Ignited your light sabers yet? Practicing force choke or force lighting? The latest and last trailer for the upcoming film Star Wars Rogue One is out. So before you use your force powers, might as well take a good look.

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer (Last/ Final)


See you at the cinemas! May the force be with you.


Leaked Star Wars Episode 8 Luke Skywalker Line/ Dialogue

Leaked Star Wars Episode 8 Luke Skywalker Line/ Dialogue

A line or dialogue of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) (spoken to Rey – played by Daisy Ridley) has leaked online, according to a YouTube video by Mike Zeroh.

This gives fans a glimpse (or a spoiler preview) of what will happen next on “Star Wars: Episode 8” at Ahch-To.

Leaked Star Wars Luke Skywalker Rey



[Spoiler alert: Spoiler ahead!]

“You contain the spark that will rekindle the fire”

– is allegedly one of the lines spoken by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Apparently, Luke tells this to Rey on Ahch-To, as the young female character begins to discover and embrace her powers.

The next Star Wars film is expected to revolve around Rey’s training (under Luke) to become a Jedi.

According to Mike Zeroh, he has 4 different sources for this leaked information, 2 of whom he trusts, although the other 2 he is still currently evaluating. He however advises fans to take this information “with a grain of salt.”

Meanwhile, the Disney Star Wars production team, reportedly, is in the works with the first official trailer/ teaser ready to be released next year 2017.



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Darth Maul is having his own mini-series in Marvel comics

Darth Maul is having his own mini-series in Marvel comics

Darth Maul having his own Marvel comics mini-series

darth maul star wars

Photo Credit

It’s been reported that everyone’s favorite villain is having his own miniseries next year.

From IBTimes:

Darth Maul miniseries by Marvel will be released next year. The character appeared in “The Phantom Menace” and his popularity led to his return in the animation series of the franchise, and may also get his very own spin-off film. Meanwhile, the official website of the franchise is conducting a poll to see what’s the fans’ favourite moment of the Sith Lord.

The Marvel miniseries will be released in February 2017. The story is written by Cullen Bunn, who has a vast experience in comic books and has worked on comic books of characters such as Deadpool, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Avengers, Magneto and Captain America. The illustrations will be by the talented Luke Ross.

Darth Maul comics story

The story will be about Darth Maul’s early years, and will focus on the time when he was training under Darth Sidious. The announcement is significant because Disney for the first time will be venturing into a timeline that has never come into focus before. None of the comics, TV shows and movies have explored what happened before the events in the prequel movies.

Disney has already announced a series of “Anthology” movies about specific events and people from the franchise. The first spin-off film “Rogue One” will be releasing this December, and a “Han-Solo” film is already in the works. If the Darth Maul comics are successful, the fans can expect to see a spin-off film of the Sith Lord as well.

Vote for your favourite Darth Maul scene

While, the fans wait there is a poll to select the favourite moment of Darth Maul posted on the official Star Wars website. The scenes are from “The Phantom Menace,” “Clone Wars” animation series and the new and ongoing “Rebels” TV series.

Darth Maul is already playing an important role in the “Rebels” TV series. Given the popularity of the Sith Lord among the fans, he will not be going away any time soon.

Excited? Let’s us know by hitting like.

Meanwhile here’s Revan:

star wars revan gif

Gif Credit


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Emilia Clarke joins the cast of Star Wars Han Solo film

Emilia Clarke joins the cast of Star Wars Han Solo film

Emilia Clarke, star of Game of Thones, has been announced on the Star Wars website to be joining the cast of the new untitled Star Wars Han Solo film.

No other details regarding the actress’ part was announced. She will be joining Alden Ehrenreich who will play Han Solo, and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian.

The Han Solo movie takes place prior to the original Star Wars trilogy, and is to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.

The film is slated for release in 2018.

emilia clarke star wars


Emilia Clarke Joins the Han Solo Stand-Alone Film

The Game of Thrones star comes to the Star Wars galaxy.

Emilia Clarke is heading to a galaxy far, far away — and she’s going to meet Han and Chewie. is excited to announce that Clarke, known for her stirring portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, will join the upcoming untitled Han Solo Star Wars movie. Clarke’s role will round out a dynamic cast of characters that Han and Chewie will encounter on their adventures…

(Related read: ‘Star Wars’: Who Emilia Clarke Could Play in the Han Solo Movie)

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Revan (my favorite character) will likely dominate Netflix series

Revan (my favorite character) will likely dominate Netflix series

This is hypothetical, should the Netflix petition succeed, then the rest of the planet will learn of my favorite Starwars hero, Revan. And this makes me excited.


darth revan by uncannyknack

Photo Credit

Revan is both hero and villain in the Old Republic. A revered general who led the Jedi into action against the Mandalorian threat. Although within the Jedi order, the masters themselves, detest Revan for doing so, fearing a much larger threat was at work (which in the end proved to be true). Nonetheless the republic under attack was thankful for Revan’s heroic exploit, inactivity to him is nonesense because the republic will suffer if nobody does the dirty work.  Leading the Revanchist movement in defiance of the Jedi Council’s wishes, and taking on the name of Revan, the Knight donned the mask of a fallen Mandalorian as he joined the Republic Military’s fight and was appointed Supreme Commander.

After defeating the Mandalorian leader, Mandalore the ultimate, Revan with best friend and follower Alek, ventured into the Outer Rim of known space to find the greater threat. When they came back they were no longer Jedi knights but bonafide Sith Lords.

And this is what sets Darth-Revan apart from other entities in the Star Wars lore. He even has a book dedicated solely to him. Written solely for him by  Drew Karpyshyn.

The Synopsis goes:

Revan: hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior. A Jedi who left Coruscant to defeat Mandalorians and returned a disciple of the dark side, bent on destroying the Republic. The Jedi Council gave him his life back, but the price of redemption was high. His memories have been erased. All that’s left are nightmares and deep, abiding fear.

What exactly happened beyond the Outer Rim? Revan can’t quite remember, yet can’t entirely forget. Somehow he stumbled across a terrible secret that threatens the very existence of the Republic. With no idea what it is, or how to stop it, Revan may very well fail, for he’s never faced a more powerful and diabolic enemy. But only death can stop him from trying.

So, are you excited for Revan in Netflix as me?  Go sign this petition now!

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