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Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review


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As promised here is my review. Not too much spoiler I promise.

Saw the movie just yesterday with my GF and my Sis. We were in a couch cinema just to make us more comfy (Were supposed to take a flight that afternoon but for unknown reasons its been delayed so to kill time, watch movie.) So ok opening scene. Thor yupping blah blah. Then off to a fight scene then cut to opening credits.

I think the Marvel formula for real is beginning to bore me. I mean I can see the commercial value of this movie. It’s meant to make Thor more appealing, I get it. But I am beginning to see a certain pattern that deep inside makes it predictable for me.

Ragnarok is full of fun. From the jokes to the small voiced rock-man. (Small spoiler.)

I can happily say that both my GF and Sister swooned over when Chris Hemsworth showed some flesh (Girls, Duh!). Story is ho-hum but you won’t get too emotional over the rather lazy first act. It is in the second to the last act where the action picks up if there is enough action in the film (for my liking it looks a lot less. A lot less than the second movie.) Cate Blanchett was an effective villain. The new girl Valkyrie (which in the comics is Thor’s love interest) is great on-screen. Hulk is still Hulk. Edris Elba goes Jamaican. (Éy man!)

The villain is the shortest movie exposure time in all the MCU’s villains, IMO. Nuts I thought it was Ragnarok, but it was only shown at the bitter end, making you hang in a tiny thread. You see Thor in full god of Thunder glory for about 5-10 minutes. He maybe bad-ass but its half assed because of the limited time showing. There are too many side quests for my liking. Maybe the extensive trailer made it predictable for me? I don’t know. But if you’re after commercial value and continuity watch Thor. If you’re going for story though there’s a pint inside you that goes WTF.

Would I recommend it?



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Spider-man: Homecoming review

Spider-man: Homecoming review


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I know, I know I messed somehow.

Laziness has taken me these past months that I semi-shelved this piece. Saw Wonder Woman and it floored me, just like it floored everyone else it seems. I just couldn’t write about her because every other article I saw in the net has praised the beloved heroine. I am also so lazy that I haven’t updated the DC article and haven’t touched the comics as well. I am sorry. Day job is an a*hole. Again I am sorry.

Watched Spider-man: Homecoming yesterday. And I liked what I saw. It was a fresh new take on our beloved character that even new kids from the 2000’s can even identify (Spidey’s big screen image has been rebooted 2 times already and has been played by 3 actors, so far).

This is Peter Parker struggling through his teens part, the essence that the two previous outing didn’t tackle so much, maybe because they were played by older actors. This is the growing up Peter time. Spidey at his most hilarious.

Tom Holland, although in my taste not the matinee idol face you can think of, pulled by far a superior performance of the three actors. Maybe because this time Sony, with my head nodding, sought the help of the Marvel gurus to help with their script and make Spider-Man fresh again. They didn’t need to doubt, as Marvel gave us this wunderkind of a film. No longer do we have a predictable death scene of Green Goblin and Gwen Stacy. What we have now is fresh storyline that nobody can guess.

I think that is the magic of the MCU. It gives us a new fresh prespective of what we read in the comics and make it fresh and brand new on-screen.

I thought Tony Stark would dominate the scenes but no, he took the back seat when he needed to and made Spider-man into the foreground. It’s basically the story of Spider-man like we aren’t used to. And because of this I just can’t wait for Thor to come-out. So far the MCU has brought in two critically acclaimed movies in Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman, it only keeps getting better and better.


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Miles Morales to have his own Spiderman Movie

Miles Morales to have his own Spiderman Movie

Heads up!

Miles Morales, the black-hispanic version of Spiderman, is set to get his own solo movie. Reports have it that as part of Sony Pictures Animation’s media presentation last January 18, producers of the standalone animated Spider-Man movie shared the awesome news that their storyline will indeed feature Miles.

Miles Morales Hispanic Black Spiderman Movie

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I think the timing is awesome specially nowadays with the issue of racism affecting US, at least the minorities get to be represented.

The storyline has yet to be announced though, but expect “a lot of heart, a lot of action, and a lot of laughs” as per Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, directors of Sony and Marvel’s untitled animated movie.

As of now, it looks like the Miles-centric movie won’t connect with the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe – in which Tom Holland plays the Peter Parker version of Spidey.

So let’s watch out for that!


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