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Spiderman: Homecoming New Trailer

Spiderman: Homecoming New Trailer

Spiderman Homecoming Official Trailer

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Here at herozonePH we are fond of superhero trailers, so the second I saw that there was a new trailer for the forthcoming Spiderman: Homecoming film, I immediately typed this post down.

So this is for you…

Spiderman Homecoming Official Trailer

Robert Downey Jr. co-stars in this Spiderman reboot as Iron Man. So does Marissa Tomei as Aunt May (If you watched this year’s Captain America: Civil War you should have known it already, but if not pardon me for the spoiler).

Spiderman: Homecoming is slated for August of 2017. Check that out. As for me, well it’s time to go! Till next trailer.

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When somebody is having a tough day…

When somebody is having a tough day…

superhero fistbumpSuperhero memes:


(Superhero style.)

Logan Style Trailers

Logan Style Trailers

Hey, so everyone is breaking YouTube with Logan style trailers. Here’s a pretty good one made on Tony STARK / Iron Man (uploaded by Dr FlashPoint).

Stark Logan Style Trailer

And the inspiration: original Official Logan Trailer (from 20th Century Fox):


ROGERS / Captain America (by Logic Inquisitor) is also quite emotional.


And here’s KENT / Superman (by Gage Masterson)-


If you’re in the Star Wars fandom, there’s also one with ANAKIN (by Sentient Cent).


Keep it up, Mr. Johnny Cash! (for “Hurt” Logan trailer song.)


So what’s you’re favorite Logan style trailer? Comment below!

Iron Man Stark Logan Style Trailer

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