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Warner Bros, still cluless on how to solve the DC puzzle

Warner Bros, still cluless on how to solve the DC puzzle

Word is out that although WB has promised a much darker and edgier alternative to its Marvel counterpart, Batman V Superman and The Suicide Squad have failed to live to its billing according to critics, who continuously pan out the films that WB produce.

Suicide Squad movie

Not so happy now, are we? Photo Credit

And now more trouble is coming. Rumors are swirling that the new Justice League- which will finally feature DC’s answer to the Avengers with power superhero cast such as Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Aqua Man and Cyborg – is a mess.

Justice League

What now? Photo Credit

There are hints that the movie is suffering from plot and general coherence, something that has bugged the previous films as well, and which has called for fans asking WB to sack Zach Snyder as its director (Zach for his part has directed the new Superman movies). And not only that, it seems to have also affected the upcoming stand alone Ben Affleck-directed Batman movie¬†(who’ll also act on the role). Sources are saying that the slated Spring filming has been moved back to Summer.

Ben too hasn’t been too keen on doing it either, in answer to a question about his plans to direct: “That’s the idea. But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way, I think it’s really great I’m not going to do it.” (via

As for the Justice League, we have teaser trailers to keep us excited, but as far as the Suicide Squad goes, which gave us good trailers, we still have to wait how the movie actually looks like when it hits theaters on November 17.

(I have to note that I liked the Suicide Squad movie no matter what).


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Because He’s Batman!

Because He’s Batman!

So you won’t be confused…

The Many Emotions of Batman meme

Because he’s Batman

The many emotions of Batman.

Nanananana Batman!

Nanananana Batman!

I’m a fan of fun comics, specially superhero parody comics. ūüôā

Here is a good one by

When Batman cooks your food


Batman cooking.

Superman not amused.

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Marvel vs DC

Marvel vs DC

marvel vs dcPhoto Credit

Tale as old as time, just as the Beauty and the Beast theme song says, that’s how long Marvel and DC have rivalled each other. From comics issues to today’s cinematic universe, it’s a raging war especially for both fans of both parties.

There are also times that they copy each other, especially their characters (I’d write about that in another post, sadly I can’t at the moment). But I’d like to point out some of the major differences between these titanic companies.

1. Location

We all know that Spiderman is from¬†New York, so does the Avengers and their likes. Batman is from Gotham, Superman is from Metropolis. Get it? While Marvel tends to picture their heroes in real life locations, DC somewhat does it fictionally. Did I get that right? Now moving on…

2. Powers

Whilst, the X-men initially treats their powers as curse, Superman and the likes on the other hand on DC tends to treat theirs as blessings. They are given this and are called to embrace their powers and abilities.

3. How they got their powers

Superman’s power was inherent, as with Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Spiderman got his in a freak accident, so does Hulk. Captain America got his through some serum. DC tends to hold their hero¬†born with¬†their abilities or the ability to hone¬†it at a young age. Marvel on the other hand made it look more grounded, more relatable since the heroes more usually get their powers in freak occurrences happening in their universe or immediate surroundings.
From my samples, there are some exceptions, but ultimately these are what I think the major differences between the two comic behemoths.

Here are some more differences between Marvel and DC from Watchmojo’s Youtube channel:


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Sidekicks (Review)

Sidekicks (Review)

Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo


So this is something I want to share with you, I grabbed this book called Sidekicks by Jack Ferraiolo in a Booksale and instantly loved it. We always talk about the main superheroes but what about their sidekicks? I mean Batman would always have his Robin. Superman has Jimmy Olsen and so on and so forth.

The lives of these side men are rarely tackled which is why¬†Jack Ferraiolo’s offering is a brand new concept. As I am writing this I am reading the pages that are artistically made – actually if you skip though the pages to the end of the book you’ll read that it was art directed, which is cool.

The synopsis of the book goes:

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Horny Hero

Horny Hero

Here’s Batman…

Horny Batman

Batman: Where you taking me, baby? :3

Wonder Woman: I am taking you to Joker.



[Credit: andreaswierer¬†–¬†Pixabay]

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