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The Top 10 Most Anticipated Superhero Films of 2017

The Top 10 Most Anticipated Superhero Films of 2017

Our team here at herozonePH loves watching the most recent superhero flicks, and we’re always excited for new cinematic masterpieces based on our favorite comic book universe to come our way.

To satisfy every true-blue fan of superhero films like us,  we’ve collated a list of the 9 (or 10) most anticipated superhero movies to come to theaters this upcoming year. We can’t wait any further for 2017!

2017 superhero films / 2017 superhero movies


Top 10 Upcoming 2017 Superhero Films


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Peter Quill or Starlord as he prefers to be called, finds true friends, creates his own team, and ultimately gets the respect of everyone. However, Starlord still has some questions about his parentage, knowing that his father is still lost somewhere in space. But the real question is who his father is. We will find out the answer to this this Spring.

Release date: April 25


Justice League

A new threat is looming in the corner but fortunately, Batman and Superman has formed a new team. But before they can form the team, Bruce Wayne has to search the entire world to recruit an extraordinary league of metahumans. The villain, Darkseid has tremendous power which can actually destroy the entire galaxy.  

Release date: November 16


Ghost in the Shell

Cyber technology may have been very important and advantageous in so many ways but unfortunately, it also carries scary repercussions. Puppeteer, the nasty villain, has developed “ghost hacking” skills and has taken control of a cyberized body without the person’s knowledge. He used his skills to interfere in politics and cause havoc. The only person who can bring down Puppeteer is The Major which is played by Scarlett Johansson. The Major is a cyborg policewoman who heads Section 9, an elite task force.

Release date: March 29


Logan (2017)

The film is set in the future wherein Professor Charles Xavier and Logan endure the loss of the X-Men. A new corporation headed by Nathaniel Essex is set to destroy the world. Regrettably, Logan’s healing abilities are growing dimmer while Professor Xavier’s is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Logan must stop Nathaniel Essex with the help of a young lady named Laura Kinney who is also Wolverine’s female clone.

Release date: March 3


Power Rangers

If you have been a huge fan of Power Rangers back when you were still a kid, then this movie will surely be a delight. A group of teenage kids suddenly becomes infused with superpowers. These young heroes are the only ones that can save the planet from imminent danger.

Release date: March 23


Star Wars: Episode VIII

The Force awakens, and Rey will continue her epic journey with Poe, Finn, and of course Luke Skywalker. This next chapter of the Star Wars saga will shed more light to who Rey is and about her parentage. Prepare to be blown away with the answers.

Release date: December 15


Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios will once again release a comic-inspired movie, and this time it is set in the mystical world of Thor. The great son of Odin gets together with the Incredible Hulk so they can stop the end of the world or Ragnarok. The heroes will have to defeat Surtur, the fire demon who intends to burn out the Nine Realms and obliterate all its inhabitants.

Release date: October 25


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Young web-slinger Spider-Man/ Peter Parker embarks on an edge-of-your-seat  action/adventure to discover  his new-found identity as the neighborhood’s favorite superhero.

Release date: July 7


Wonder Woman

The princess of the Amazons, Diana, grows up on a sheltered island with the warriors. A young pilot survives from crashing to their shores and relays a story of a massive conflict that can eventually destroy the whole planet. Diana decides to leave home to halt the threat and save the world. Diana fights together with other superheroes wherein they’ll find out their true powers and finally understand the reason they are fighting for.

Release date: June 1



The Lego Batman Movie

Our Dark Night/ Caped Crusader, Batman, saves the world from The Joker and maybe learns to lighten up?

Release date: February 10


Aren’t you excited to see these movies? We can’t wait to get some tickets!

Coming soon, 2017.


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Next Year 2017 is going to be an amazing year for superhero movies

Next Year 2017 is going to be an amazing year for superhero movies

An amazing year for superhero movies, year 2017

We’ve probably seen more superhero movies in the recent years more than any decade. (Captain America Civil War, Batman V Superman, Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange – all in year 2016?) If you think you’ve already seen enough, wait till next year.

2017 is going to be the year the cinemas explode with more Marvel, more DC, more superheroes we love.

superhero movies 2017

Below is a list of our favorite comic book based films to be unleashed next year 2017.


Release date: March 3 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Release date: May 5 2017

Wonder Woman
Release date: June 2 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Release date: July 7 2017

Thor: Ragnarok
Release date: November 3 2017

Justice League
Release date: November 3 2017

Which one of these are you most looking forward to?


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