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Every single time.

Every single time.


marvel post credit scenes

Happens all the time…

With all Marvel movie post credit scenes.

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I am sorry

I am sorry


I have been very busy for these past 2 weeks owing to the fact that this is the holiday rush. For this very reason, I am failing to create comics to post for this site, I am doing a day job and some more errands on the side, and for this I am very sorry. To the loyal followers of this site, please bear with me. I’ll try doing the comics (which I hope you love), and hope to do two episodes for next week.

Again my sincerest apologies.


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Spiderman: Homecoming New Trailer

Spiderman: Homecoming New Trailer

Spiderman Homecoming Official Trailer

Photo Credit

Here at herozonePH we are fond of superhero trailers, so the second I saw that there was a new trailer for the forthcoming Spiderman: Homecoming film, I immediately typed this post down.

So this is for you…

Spiderman Homecoming Official Trailer

Robert Downey Jr. co-stars in this Spiderman reboot as Iron Man. So does Marissa Tomei as Aunt May (If you watched this year’s Captain America: Civil War you should have known it already, but if not pardon me for the spoiler).

Spiderman: Homecoming is slated for August of 2017. Check that out. As for me, well it’s time to go! Till next trailer.

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Final Rogue One Trailer will hype you for the upcoming film!

Final Rogue One Trailer will hype you for the upcoming film!

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

Photo Credit

So how are you? Ignited your light sabers yet? Practicing force choke or force lighting? The latest and last trailer for the upcoming film Star Wars Rogue One is out. So before you use your force powers, might as well take a good look.

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer (Last/ Final)


See you at the cinemas! May the force be with you.


60’s Spiderman Memes

60’s Spiderman Memes

One of the most entertaining memes around the web are the 60’s Spiderman memes. Presented here are some of them:

Old-school 60’s memes featuring…Spiderman

60's spiderman meme360s-spiderman-meme-babies60s-spiderman-meme-christmas60s-spiderman-meme-gryffindor60s-spiderman-meme-nipsh8wrp

… And there are plenty more. Only one word to describe them: Hilarious.

Like our collection? Hit us in the comments.

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My Top 5 favorite 90’s animes

My Top 5 favorite 90’s animes

There are only three countries I wanted to visit. Seriously, only three. Israel for religious reasons, Italy because I am a visual artist (for me going there is paying homage to the great masters of years past), and Japan because of Anime reasons (they say it’s also a great place to visit so why not?).

If you grew up in the 90’s, you have to love the various anime programs that cropped out during the decade. And for this post, I am posting the Top 5 of those programs which I loved.

My Favorite Top 5 90’s Anime

  1. Dragon Balltop favorite 90's anime - Dragon Ball

Photo Credit

I practically grew up with Goku,the series’main protagonist. From childhood up to his disappearance in GT (I haven’t seen Super yet, maybe I’ve grown up a bit). I even tried emulating his speed (although right now I kind of regret it because it’s too embarrassing to remember). Man, Dragon Ball is the bomb! It’s  a shame that Hollywood still can’t do justice for this on the the big screen given the advances in technology and all.

Maybe it’s the weird hairdo’s? I don’t know, but Dragon Ball was the best ever in terms of entertainment value and great story line. Goku just doesn’t die, he lives forever. In our hearts.

2. Yu Yu Hakusho (aka Ghost Fighter) 

Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Fighter

Photo Credit

For those of you living in this side of the world, who can ever forget the “Tapusin, Tapusin“(End it, End it) chant? Anyone who watched this anime uttered those words each time they watch Yusuke and  Toguro duke it out. We just love them.

The impressions, the attitude. Every guy tried to emulate at least one of the major characters. It’s funny to remember now how kids would form their hands into guns and shout “Ray Gun”while chasing their playmates into the roundabouts of the village. At least this is a training for our imagination, a form of escapism as a child.

3. Voltes V

Voltes V

Photo Credit

I know, I know this is already a classic having been released 40-50 years ago? I just don’t know, but this was part of my formative years. In the 80’s they didn’t even let the show end, it just vanished. Come the 90’s, thanks to the popularity of its song in a gag show, if you know what I mean. If you don’t here it is:

It came back to relevance because of that show and we finally saw how the show ended at last. It’s great that the Armstrong brothers finally get to see their father, but all we care about was Jamie. Right? Right?

4. Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing

Photo Credit

As if fascination with Voltes V robot wasn’t enough, this one captivated everyone and started the Gundam toy craze in the country. Many will try to deny it but the design of these robots is so great it compels you to buy one so you can touch one with your hands.

Its popularity is so immense that Japan has a statue of a Gundam in a park in Tokyo. See here.

This is one of the great what ifs in the history of anime. What if in the near future we can have and see a real Gundam in battle, it can be a reality because it can be done; and knowing how quirky and imaginative the Japanese can be, it’s only a matter of time before we can actually have one.

5. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Photo Credit

Basketball is undoubtedly the unofficial favorite sport in the Philippines. That being said, it is no wonder that this anime is a staple in every kid’s mind. Slam Dunk is a story of Hanamichi Sakuragi’s journey from being a prospect to a budding star of the sports. Its great storyline captures and burns the flame of competition for those fans who watched this program. It is undoubtedly, one of the best.

There are a lot more programs I wish to share but I think I cannot finish this article if I tackle it one by one. Maybe for another time. ‘Til then!

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Aquaman film release date revealed

Aquaman film release date revealed

Warner Bros. reveals the release date of the Aquaman movie, finally. The standalone DC superhero film will come to theaters in 2018 with Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

We’ve already taken some peak at Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last March (2016), which also gave fans a little hint about the upcoming movie Aquaman.

Aquaman in theaters 2018

jason momoa

“Aquaman” Plot

Last year, Warner Bros. has already earlier announced Aquaman’s plot, which centered on Aquaman being caught up between the troubles of Atlantis and the surface world. Aquaman is actually half- Atlantean and half-human in the comics, and he’s also the king of Atlantis. In his standalone movie, the marine superhero will be attending to issues on the surface world and also deal with a possible revolt in his own domain underwater.

The Aquaman movie is to be produced by Peter Safran and directed by James Wan (Furius 7, The Conjuring 2). It will be co-produced by Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, and Rob Cowan.

Aquaman in Justice League

Jason Momoa as Aquaman will appear again next year (2017) on a DC superhero movie “Justice League”, and he will be joined by Amber Heard as Mera, Aquaman’s lady-love interest. “Mera” will also be in Aquaman 2018.

Other DC superhero films set to be released in the near future are “Wonder Woman”, premiering next year 2017, “The Flash” (starring Ezra Miller), in theaters 2018, “Shazam” in 2019, and “Green Lantern” and “Cyborg” in 2020.


Follow Jason Momoa on Instagram: @prideofgypsies


[Sources: Variety, The Holliwood Reporter, Mstar News/Music Times)

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herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 8

herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 8

herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 8

This slideshow requires JavaScript.’s “Night Edge”

© Copyright 2016 Ryan Barcia. All rights reserved.

(…ContinueNIGHT EDGE Episode 9)

The Top 10 Most Anticipated Superhero Films of 2017

The Top 10 Most Anticipated Superhero Films of 2017

Our team here at herozonePH loves watching the most recent superhero flicks, and we’re always excited for new cinematic masterpieces based on our favorite comic book universe to come our way.

To satisfy every true-blue fan of superhero films like us,  we’ve collated a list of the 9 (or 10) most anticipated superhero movies to come to theaters this upcoming year. We can’t wait any further for 2017!

2017 superhero films / 2017 superhero movies


Top 10 Upcoming 2017 Superhero Films


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Peter Quill or Starlord as he prefers to be called, finds true friends, creates his own team, and ultimately gets the respect of everyone. However, Starlord still has some questions about his parentage, knowing that his father is still lost somewhere in space. But the real question is who his father is. We will find out the answer to this this Spring.

Release date: April 25


Justice League

A new threat is looming in the corner but fortunately, Batman and Superman has formed a new team. But before they can form the team, Bruce Wayne has to search the entire world to recruit an extraordinary league of metahumans. The villain, Darkseid has tremendous power which can actually destroy the entire galaxy.  

Release date: November 16


Ghost in the Shell

Cyber technology may have been very important and advantageous in so many ways but unfortunately, it also carries scary repercussions. Puppeteer, the nasty villain, has developed “ghost hacking” skills and has taken control of a cyberized body without the person’s knowledge. He used his skills to interfere in politics and cause havoc. The only person who can bring down Puppeteer is The Major which is played by Scarlett Johansson. The Major is a cyborg policewoman who heads Section 9, an elite task force.

Release date: March 29


Logan (2017)

The film is set in the future wherein Professor Charles Xavier and Logan endure the loss of the X-Men. A new corporation headed by Nathaniel Essex is set to destroy the world. Regrettably, Logan’s healing abilities are growing dimmer while Professor Xavier’s is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Logan must stop Nathaniel Essex with the help of a young lady named Laura Kinney who is also Wolverine’s female clone.

Release date: March 3


Power Rangers

If you have been a huge fan of Power Rangers back when you were still a kid, then this movie will surely be a delight. A group of teenage kids suddenly becomes infused with superpowers. These young heroes are the only ones that can save the planet from imminent danger.

Release date: March 23


Star Wars: Episode VIII

The Force awakens, and Rey will continue her epic journey with Poe, Finn, and of course Luke Skywalker. This next chapter of the Star Wars saga will shed more light to who Rey is and about her parentage. Prepare to be blown away with the answers.

Release date: December 15


Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios will once again release a comic-inspired movie, and this time it is set in the mystical world of Thor. The great son of Odin gets together with the Incredible Hulk so they can stop the end of the world or Ragnarok. The heroes will have to defeat Surtur, the fire demon who intends to burn out the Nine Realms and obliterate all its inhabitants.

Release date: October 25


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Young web-slinger Spider-Man/ Peter Parker embarks on an edge-of-your-seat  action/adventure to discover  his new-found identity as the neighborhood’s favorite superhero.

Release date: July 7


Wonder Woman

The princess of the Amazons, Diana, grows up on a sheltered island with the warriors. A young pilot survives from crashing to their shores and relays a story of a massive conflict that can eventually destroy the whole planet. Diana decides to leave home to halt the threat and save the world. Diana fights together with other superheroes wherein they’ll find out their true powers and finally understand the reason they are fighting for.

Release date: June 1



The Lego Batman Movie

Our Dark Night/ Caped Crusader, Batman, saves the world from The Joker and maybe learns to lighten up?

Release date: February 10


Aren’t you excited to see these movies? We can’t wait to get some tickets!

Coming soon, 2017.


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herozonePH Announcement: Night Edge delayed for 1 day

herozonePH Announcement: Night Edge delayed for 1 day


It’s almost Saturday, but we regret to inform this week’s episode of our free comics herozoneph Night Edge will be delayed for one day. A new episode will be available for everyone to enjoy on Sunday 9.00AM EST.

Sometimes work and life get the best of us, but rest assured, the comics is NOT CANCELLED. It’s just delayed and only for a single day.

Thanks for bearing with us! For the meantime enjoy our memes.

– herozonePH

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