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Darth Maul is having his own mini-series in Marvel comics

Darth Maul is having his own mini-series in Marvel comics

Darth Maul having his own Marvel comics mini-series

darth maul star wars

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It’s been reported that everyone’s favorite villain is having his own miniseries next year.

From IBTimes:

Darth Maul miniseries by Marvel will be released next year. The character appeared in “The Phantom Menace” and his popularity led to his return in the animation series of the franchise, and may also get his very own spin-off film. Meanwhile, the official website of the franchise is conducting a poll to see what’s the fans’ favourite moment of the Sith Lord.

The Marvel miniseries will be released in February 2017. The story is written by Cullen Bunn, who has a vast experience in comic books and has worked on comic books of characters such as Deadpool, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Avengers, Magneto and Captain America. The illustrations will be by the talented Luke Ross.

Darth Maul comics story

The story will be about Darth Maul’s early years, and will focus on the time when he was training under Darth Sidious. The announcement is significant because Disney for the first time will be venturing into a timeline that has never come into focus before. None of the comics, TV shows and movies have explored what happened before the events in the prequel movies.

Disney has already announced a series of “Anthology” movies about specific events and people from the franchise. The first spin-off film “Rogue One” will be releasing this December, and a “Han-Solo” film is already in the works. If the Darth Maul comics are successful, the fans can expect to see a spin-off film of the Sith Lord as well.

Vote for your favourite Darth Maul scene

While, the fans wait there is a poll to select the favourite moment of Darth Maul posted on the official Star Wars website. The scenes are from “The Phantom Menace,” “Clone Wars” animation series and the new and ongoing “Rebels” TV series.

Darth Maul is already playing an important role in the “Rebels” TV series. Given the popularity of the Sith Lord among the fans, he will not be going away any time soon.

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Meanwhile here’s Revan:

star wars revan gif

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Emilia Clarke joins the cast of Star Wars Han Solo film

Emilia Clarke joins the cast of Star Wars Han Solo film

Emilia Clarke, star of Game of Thones, has been announced on the Star Wars website to be joining the cast of the new untitled Star Wars Han Solo film.

No other details regarding the actress’ part was announced. She will be joining Alden Ehrenreich who will play Han Solo, and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian.

The Han Solo movie takes place prior to the original Star Wars trilogy, and is to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.

The film is slated for release in 2018.

emilia clarke star wars


Emilia Clarke Joins the Han Solo Stand-Alone Film

The Game of Thrones star comes to the Star Wars galaxy.

Emilia Clarke is heading to a galaxy far, far away — and she’s going to meet Han and Chewie. is excited to announce that Clarke, known for her stirring portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, will join the upcoming untitled Han Solo Star Wars movie. Clarke’s role will round out a dynamic cast of characters that Han and Chewie will encounter on their adventures…

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herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 6

herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 6

herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 6

This slideshow requires JavaScript.’s “Night Edge”

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(…ContinueNIGHT EDGE Episode 7)

Meet Andrew of herozoneph NIGHT EDGE

Meet Andrew of herozoneph NIGHT EDGE

From herozoneph NIGHT EDGE Episode 5


A good person who wants to help and be the change. We want YOU to pilot mobile suit 001 and fight crime and fight for justice…


andrew herozoneph night edge

Episode 6 goes live in 12 hours, Saturday November 19, 2016 at 9AM EST.

(**New episodes every Saturdays)

So what happens next?’s “NIGHT EDGE

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Deadpool Trolling Thanos

Deadpool Trolling Thanos

Thanos curses Deadpool and the cause of Deadpool Thanos death?

deadpool thanos meme

Deadpool Thanos Meme

“Insane enough”

Deadpool. Only guy insane enough to troll Thanos.

See: The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (Part 2)

(Hint: Thanos.)

Full Metal Alchemist Live Action

Full Metal Alchemist Live Action

A live action film of Full Metal Alchemist is out on 2017:


Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie

If the film follows closely the manga or anime version then the central characters of the film would be Edward and Alphonse Elric: two alchemist brothers who are searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.

In the anime and manga version, when Edward was 11, and Alphonse, 10, they tried to bring their dead mother back to life. Their attempt failed, costing Alphonse his entire body, and Edward his left leg, so in order to restore their bodies and successfully bring their mother back they went on a quest to recover the Philosopher’s stone.

full metal alchemist live action

For long time fans, casual and movie goers, this is a film worth watching.

Coming this 2017 in theaters near you.

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Real life super-hero

Real life super-hero

We talk about superheroes, like they are fantasies, their superhuman, strength, outworldly intelligence and so on and so forth. But, we forget that living among us are real life super heroes. And I am going to share one right now.
Meet Campbell Remess:
Campbell Remess Real Life Super Hero

Campbell Remess, Real Life Super hero

Though devoid of any super powers, this boy has been able to help others, kids who are in the hospital by bringing smiles in their faces. How does he do it? He brings them hand sewn stuffed animals.

The boy dubbed his project  “Project 365” and he’s made over 800 stuffed animals! Who taught him how to sew? No other than himself!

The story goes: When he was 9, Campbell asked his parents if he they can buy stuffed animals for the kids in the hospital. But as we all know this costs much, so he decided to make them himself. This kid has made it a mission to make stuffed animals out of his own hands to give to hospitals charities and other distribution points by Christmas to give to children, bed ridden because of different illnesses.

He made rattle balls at first, then taught himself how to make teddies.

Here he is distributing his gifts:

Campbell Remess Real Life Superhero


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Spider-Man has moves—

Spider-Man has moves—

Spiderman dank memes

spiderman dank meme

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Spider-man has moves—

“Like Jagger”

The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (PART 2)

The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (PART 2)

The Top 10 Supervillains of Marvel Comics

Counting down the Top Ten superhero villains of Marvel (LIST) – Numbers 5 to 1.

5. Loki


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Loki is the adoptive brother and often enemy of Thor. Based on the Norse God of the same name, Loki is as deceptive as his Norse mythology counterpart, making his debut in Marvel Comics appearance in Timely Comics’ publication Venus No. 6 (August 1949).

In the comics, Loki is a son of a frost giant, whom Odin kills. Odin found him under wraps because his father was ashamed of Loki’s small stature. Odin raised him like a son alongside Thor, but he found resentment to the fact that other Asgardians treated him differently from the oft-favored Thor. Asgardians valued strength, tenacity, and bravery in battle above all things which Loki was clearly lacking. But what he excelled at is power and skill, particularly as a sorcerer.

His foray into the black arts earned him the title of “god of evil” among the Asgardians, and he forged alliances with many of the realm’s enemies. His sinister plots cast a huge shadow on Thor and other earth heroes, and this is why he is one of the most iconic Marvel supervillains ever.

4. Green Goblin


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Ruthless industrialist Norman Osborn was the co-owner of a leading New York firm, Osborn Industries. His wife died while giving birth to their son, Harry, which rendered him embittered. Norman raised Harry dispassionately, devoid of fatherly warmth, and was always mad by Harry’s failure to demonstrate academic excellence or a competitive drive.

Lusting for more power, he tested a strength enhancing serum for himself, emerging smarter and superhumanly strong, but at the cost of his sanity. His insanity led him to target Spider-Man as his main enemy. They had many great battles, until Spider-Man accidentally killed him in a struggle where the Goblin also killed Spider-Man’s love interest, Gwen Stacy.

But the same formula that had given Osborn his heightened strength and intellect also gave him powerful regenerative abilities. He lived. And cast his shadow over Peter Parker, manipulating him in succeeding episodes in the comics. It can be said that The Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s greatest enemy per se.

The Green Goblin is created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Goblin made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #14.

3. Thanos      

infinity_vol_1_4_generals_variant_textless                      Photo Credit

Thanos is a member of the Titanian Eternals. Thanos possesses abilities common to the Eternals, but amplified to a higher degree through a combination of his mutant–Eternal heritage, bionic amplification, mysticism, and power bestowed by the abstract entity, Death. Demonstrating enormous superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, he can absorb and project vast quantities of cosmic energy and is capable of telekinesis, telepathy, and matter manipulation. Thanos is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained in the art of war on Titan. Longtime Marvel comic book  readers know him as the cosmic bad-ass who long possessed the reality-altering Infinity Gauntlet, who killed half the universe, including many Marvel heroes, before his misdeeds were undone.

Created by writer-artist Jim Starlin, the character first appeared in Iron Man #55 in 1973, making his debut in the Bronze Age of Comic Books, Thanos has been featured in the Marvel continuity for about forty years and counting.

2. Magneto


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Magneto is synonymous with the X-Men- you can’t discuss the X-Men without ever mentioning Magneto. Magneto’s power is the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby in 1963, he made his first appearance in X-Men #1, becoming the very first foe of the iconic mutant team.

Magneto is a mutant separatist, in contrast to Professor X’s ideal of human co-existence. He believed that mutants are the next stage in human evolution and he sought of ways to assert his dominion over the powerless humans and the planet. Though not a hero, Magneto is charismatic, noble, and wise. His long and turbulent friendship with Charles Xavier has been a cornerstone for both men’s lives, as a rivalry that has lasted decades. Their lives, forever intertwined.

I had trouble really selecting #1 as the finalists have their own weight in the Marvel universe and as it is, I present to you 1A and 1A.

1B. Dr. Doom


                                                                                                           Photo Credit

Doctor Doom was conceived by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Doom first appeared in The Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962) wearing his trademark metal mask and green cloak.

Born out of Latveria, His mother died in a bargain with Mephisto that has gone wrong. Longing to save his son from the same fate, Werner von Doom fled with a young Victor on a cold winter’s night.  Victor survived the cold, but unfortunately his father did not. With this, Doom sought to increase his knowledge of both science and magic in order to rescue his mother, whose later death he blamed on Mephisto.

In one of his attempts to fuse both science and magic, one of his devices exploded leaving his face scarred for life. From then on he used his metallic mask to mask his face and set his sights on world domination. A perpetual rival of the Fantastic Four, particularly Reed Richard AKA Mr. Fantastic, and has appeared in many of Marvel’s alternate universes and spinoffs, in which the character’s history, circumstances, and behavior varies from the mainstream setting.

1A. Red Skull


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Red Skull is the arch enemy of Captain America, who can be more iconic than that? Inspiration for his development came when writer and artist Joe Simon saw a hot fudge sundae melting and noticed it resembled a human figure. First conceptualized with the working name “Hot Fudge”he later renamed him with the appropriate “Red Skull,”   which sounds more menacing.

Born, Johann Schmidt, Red Skull was a Nazi general officer and confidant of Adolf Hitler. He is closely affiliated with Hydra, an enemy of the S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and the interests of the US, and the free world in general.

He was physically augmented, with physical strength pegged at least at the same level of Captain America, He appeared to be killed in the past, only to return time and time again to plague the world with schemes of world domination and genocide.

View Part 1 of this list here: The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (Part 1) (numbers 10 – 6)


Do you agree with our list? Hit the comments section. Until next time.

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The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (Part 1)

The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (Part 1)

The Top 10 Supervillains of Marvel Comics

Counting down the Top Ten superhero villains of Marvel (LIST) – Numbers 1o to 6.

10. Onslaught

supervillains of marvel comics - onslaught

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A psionic entity created from the conciousness of Professor X and Magneto, Onslaught came to existence after Magneto ripped the adamantium sheets from Wolverine’s skeleton. Xavier used his telepahatic powers to shut down Magneto’s mind. In return, the psionic contact, Magneto’s anger, grief, and lust for vengeance entered Xavier’s consciousness, mixing with every long-suppressed negative feelings Xavier had endured during the last 30 years. This aggregation resulted in the being known as Onslaught.

Onslaught’s power consists of telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, sensing mutant presences, manipulating magnetic fields, and affecting reality itself. Onslaught can also enhance its physical size and strength.

First appearing in 1996, Onslaught has crossed over several Marvel series, including the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Cable comics.

9. Dark Phoenix


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When she was 10 years old, Jean Grey demonstrated mutant telepathic powers first after experiencing the emotions of a dying friend. Seeking help for their daughter, her parents sought the help of Professor Charles Xavier, who introduced young Jean to the astral plane as a way to distract and train her telepathic abilities. But as she was using this exercise, a part of her mind manifested as a Phoenix.

Xavier erected psychic shields in Jean’s mind to prevent her from using her telepathic powers until she was mature enough to control them.

In a mission in outer space, Jean was struck with solar flares and was noticed by the Phoenix Force which took note of her unlimited potential.  As Dark Phoenix, Jean used telepathy and telekinesis, but in outworldly levels. She was able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and fly at supersonic speeds.

Dark Phoenix made her debut in Uncanny X-Men #101-108 from 1976–1977.

8. Galactus


Photo Credit  

The “Devourer of Worlds”,  Galactus is a god-like Marvel Supervillain who devours worlds to satisfy his eternal hunger.  Galactus debuted in The Fantastic Four #48 in March of 1966.

Too powerful to be defeated by any one hero, he is portrayed as a force rather than a being, a god of destruction that is deaf to pitiful pleas, although he seems to be driven by a deeper understanding of the universe than mere mortals – as he once stated he is ultimately destined to give much more than he has taken from the universe.

It is later revealed that he is the only one stopping Abraxas, an entity that had the potential to erase all of reality on a whim, from being released to the universe.

7. Ultron


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As we are obsessed with computers taking over the world, it seems to be the inspiration for writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema when they concocted Ultron in 1968.

Ultron is a criminally insane rogue sentient robot dedicated to conquest and the extermination of humanity, he was made by Dr. Hank Pym. Dr. Pym AKA Ant Man / Giant Man, endowed it with consciousness, using a copy of his own brain patterns as the basis for the robot’s programming; however as with its creator, Ultron inherited Pym’s great intellect and mental instability. The instant the robot was activated, Ultron developed a hatred for its creator or “father”and the entire human race.

Throughout the comics, Ultron rebuilt himself completely four times, making improvements and modifications each time. He made his war against humanity, particularly the Avengers which counted Dr. Pym among its members, to catastrophic proportions.

6. Dr. Octopus


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Dr. Octopus or Otto Octavius is a mad scientist often characterized as  stocky, myopic man who utilizes four powerful, mechanical appendages, and is obsessed with proving his own genius and destroying Spider-Man. A brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, inventor, and lecturer. His genius in radiation is so exceptional that Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four sought him to offer his expertise when his wife, Susan Storm AKA Invisble Woman is suffering from complications on her 2nd pregnancy due to the cosmic radiation that has given their team their powers.

Doc Ock, as he became known, is one of Spider-Man’s main villains having many iconic battles with our favorite web-slinger for years. His crowning achievement was the near-fatal stabbing of Spider-Man’s then-partner/lover, the Black Cat, who was placed in critical condition. This led to the vengeful Spider-Man nearly killing him.

Do you Agree with our list? Hit the comment section and follow us as we unfold the second part of our list.

Update, you can now view Part 2 of this list here: The Top 10 Most Iconic Marvel Supervillains (Part 2) (numbers 5 – 1)

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